TV & Film Set Production Design

Working across a broad and ever expanding range of productions with studio/stage, location and production facilities we are able to design, fabricate and install projects for clients both locally and internationally.
We stock our sets with state-of-the-art components and have vast experience creating sets for TV, FILM and Event.

Construction Management

To maintain the smooth transition of concept to completion, we undertake the construction management of the set, installation and risk assessment ensuring we keep to the terms of the budget. The ADH TEAM  is always available to provide expert guidance so that you have ultimate control of the design process.You receive an eye-catching, quality set that meets your goals and incorporate your team’s input and needs. At ADH, we take set design collaboration to the next level.  Our ADH team excels at working with you, as an extension of your team. Our in-house fabrication team utilizes old-world construction techniques and modern methods to create unique sets. Our sets deliver the perfect scenic environment as agreed with the client with exquisite detailing and long-lasting materials.

Visualisation & Computer Model Rendering & Set Value

As part of our design process we supply various presentation techniques for our design concepts and these are supplied as part of a full design packag.We maximizes both quality and cost-effectiveness to deliver, the best value in broadcast scenery. The ADH team looks for creative ways to maximize your budget without sacrificing construction quality for your satisfaction. Our clients receive a detailed budget breakdown, divided by set area, technology and installation services.

Art Direction

When the set is completed clients may require that an art director or art department team is supplied to maintain design continuity.
We provide all such service for both studio and location.